Monday, July 29, 2013

Reflecting About Online Processing Style Today

I often thought that if you want to know about how a person thinks just look at their desktop.  The desktop is indicative of something about a person, perhaps how they organize their thoughts, dreams, plans, leisure activities,  and  problems.

In the midst of the 3 courses I am taking, I feel as thought I am learning something about my online learning "style" as I work on the various assignments.  I tend to "play" first and figure out later when I have a technological task.  In recognizing this "style" of mine I realize that the play first technique can get me on quite a few tangents.  That can be good and, well, not so good.  When the element of time is a factor in completing a task the explore as you go route is an issue.  So my job is to now find a happy balance of "focused work" and "happy play" as I continue to learn more about Instructional Technologies and Digital Media Literacy.

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  1. Joan, That should be EVERY educator's focus, right? :)
    I find that I steam roll through to get assignments done, then lose myself for hours playing...which leads to very little sleep, which is becoming a problem. ;) It amazes me what a time sucker technology is. It is fun, engaging, interesting, and I waste as much time as I use time productively. Sometime I am too tired to shut down and go to bed. I just stay and stare and click.... There's a whole universe in this little rectangle!!