Friday, July 19, 2013

Joan Robinson - EDU.710 Significant Experience with Technology Instruction and/or Assessment

1980’s - New Haven Public Schools, Classroom Teacher gr. k-6- : I used overhead projectors, VHS videos, record players, cassette players, and the Commodore 64 to help us do companion planting in our school garden.  I was a member of the first NHPS Technology committee where we purchased Apple 2Es and hired Jostens Learning for software.

1990’s - NHPS- Magnet Program Developer, Investigated, explored, and procured hardware and software for our K-8 school.  Played with software with my daughter to learn Chinese and learn many other things.

2000’s -NHPS - Literacy Instructional Coach and Math Instructional Coach- Reviewed, purchased, and implemented digital curriculum for all levels of learning, with teachers, and students.

2010’s - NHPS- Strictly Math Instructional Coach, Piloted, purchased, and implemented software and hardware at our Pre K -3 to grade 8 school for the purpose of improving mathematics achievement.  Ran before and after school programs using Promethian boards, Promethian Planet, First In Math, iReady, Quizdom response systems and a variety of other software.

I am at the point now where I am ready to go to the “next level” and bring more to our students and staff.  I am convinced that this UNH program will be the vehicle on the road to somewhere.

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