Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pesto Perfect-O Post # 2

Update on my learning progress...

My first attempt at a Google voice search yielded this:

After I set up an old tripod and my daughter's flip cam, I played with documenting the process I was engaged in.  I spent a great deal of time watching YouTube videos to learn how to edit video clips. Learning how to "nudge" clips to the exact spot that I wanted was a task which took some patience.  I have a whole new respect for film makers!  

I am also learning how to preview, save, and generally work with the elements in blogger.

So here is what I have learned about pesto thus far:

Since I encountered "technical difficulties" embedding the actual video here my next technology task will be to learn how to embed in a blog.

Ate mais tarde...until later


  1. I think you're ready to start your own cooking show, in Italian!

  2. I love the graphic to express your original thinking about searching and sifting online text. It really nails it down.