Monday, July 14, 2014

E-Portfolio Site Map first Draft

The web diagram above is an initial picture of my plan for the development of my digital or e-portfolio.  After about 7 sketches I have thought through some of the elements I think are important to include in the portfolio. As an instructional coach I hope to share some of the insights which I have gained this year with other teachers who are ready and willing to become more digitally literate.  My hope is that my e-portfolio will support the process of teaching others.  I also see the e-portfolio as a representation of who I have become as a digital citizen.  I expect that my portfolio will be an evolving, changing, project which reflects my lifelong process of growing as a digital learner.

I have not yet decided upon the platform I will choose to host my portfolio, more time and investigation is needed to make that determination.  At this time I am leaning toward WIX and I like this template.  I will make more time to refine my content and homepage design.  Please feel free to share any comments or ideas you may have with me.  Thank you!

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