Thursday, July 17, 2014

Digital Portfolio Map Draft # 2 With Reflections

After reviewing and reflecting on the maps of my colleagues and my own initial map I have reorganized the picture of what I would like to include in my digital portfolio.  As is often the case when I have more time to ponder about a task the steps to accomplish the task become clearer.

After looking at both of my maps I realized an interesting difference between the two.  On the first map I was primarily responding to the ED7730 course description in the syllabus.  I was trying to create "what the teacher wanted".  In the map above I was thinking about what I wanted to create to represent myself while keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the course.  This realization is critical as a learner.  We often state that students must own their learning.  The fact that I have been given choice in what to include in the portfolio has enabled me to understand the task at a deeper level.

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