Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lesson Design and Examining Student Work

Reflections on the readings and "viewings" I did this week make me think of the STAR Review protocol in NHPS.  I have been reminded about the importance of teachers working together to examine student work to identify understandings and misconceptions.  I have also been reminded of how important it is for students to constantly be exposed to and examine their own work as a means of inspiring high quality work.  It is critical to develop a culture of critiquing for the sake of learning by nurturing respect, trust and community in our classes and schools.

Below is a Storify to document my journey this week.

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  1. Joni thank you for mentioning STAR review. I too was thinking about the process we used at our school when reading and viewing the material for this week. I used to have piles of student work that we would all look at around the conference room table to determine if deeper learning was taking place. I asked my team this past week to humor me and help me look at student work for deeper learning. What great conversations we had about what we can do differently to enhance the learning of our students.