Sunday, February 9, 2014

Learning By Doing

This week we studied the many connections between school, the "real world" and the internet.  I learned a great deal from my colleagues in the Storify stories about the pros and cons of cloud based learning.  I have a heightened awareness of security measures and considerations that occur around international sharing of cyber information.  The RAS Animate Re-Imagining Work video  inspired me to think about the changing face of the workplace "environment".  

I have decided to do my Storify on the topic of school internships.  I thought about the ideas of John Dewey and experiential education on several occasions this week.  In my personal experience I was able to complete a 1 month internship as a sophomore at Skidmore College.  The experience was invaluable.  I thought I wanted to go public relations and after a month working at GMAC in New York I realized that the field was not for me. 


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  2. HI Joni, There is great opportunities for students to gain deeper learning when involved in an internship. I also see an opportunity to work with our more disconnected students. An internship may help turn things around for students and help them see the applicability of what they are learning in the classroom.