Thursday, October 17, 2013

So begins the "diving in journey" with Google Sites

Today marks the fifth time I have sat down to "play with" Google sites.  I have finally chosen the template I want to use.  I have several paper versions of what I want my site to include and am now experimenting and reading many of  the "how to" links.

It is interesting to reflect on the interplay between the content and presentation format I choose in the development of my Digital Learning Hub. For me, the process involves trying different layout options and then letting it sit for awhile.  When an idea gets me out of bed at 4:00 in the am I know it is time to try that new idea out!

I also am reflecting on a feeling that I have as I work on my Digital Learning Hub.   The feeling has to do with pride.  Perhaps it is a pride that I have something worth sharing with a larger audience?  There also is a feeling of vulnerability that I experience.  Am I ready to put my ideas out there for all to see and possibly criticize?

As I continue to develop "Teachers Curating", (which is the site name...for today), I will reflect on my learning process along the way.