Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reflection on Critical Friends Unit Review - 10.23.13 for EDU 718 and 720

The unit review was a beneficial activity for further refinement of my unit.  The following ideas were shared with me by my group and I will consider them when fleshing out and revising the rest of my unit.

  • I will develop a "plan B" in the event that I get no response to my call for participants 
  • I will offer some type of incentive to participate in my voluntary professional development classes to be help after school, perhaps food or a teacher store gift card
  • After listening to how Roisin will flip her class I have begun to think more about building in structure for flipping the lessons in my unit.
  • I would like to check out a web site mentioned by Nancy, "thing link"  to explore different ways of graphically organizing and labeling
  • Beth's lesson was very thorough and reminded me of the need to identify standards in my unit plans, perhaps I will look into the CT Teacher Technology Competencies Performance Indicators (2001-Revised 2012)CT Teacher Technology Competencies Performance Indicators ( 2001- Revised 2012) and/or the Ct Technology Standards which are more about the indicators for student proficiency


  1. I am not sure whether the previous posted comment went out, so I will repeat it here. You received and recorded helpful feedback from your team members. Good thinking about the standards-based learning outcomes for your PD unit since you will need data about learning in order to comment about that in the final report. Have fun with the design and implementation. Plan B is always important, but if you build it, they WILL come!

  2. I am happy to report that already several people have signed up!