Sunday, August 18, 2013

EDU 714 Comparing PLE Diagram and Plan

Review a plan to Create and Curate your Digital Identity from one of your peers in this class. What did you learn about yourself when looking at your PLE? How does your PLE compare to other peers in class? Compare the similarities and differences between yours and your classmate’s diagrams and plans.

Below are two maps of PLEs...(Personal Learning Environments)

These maps are different in color, design, content, scope and organization.  They are similar in that they both detail the way each person utilizes the internet to learn, teach, and share.  Both illustrations tell the reader something about the creators online identity.  Both "mind-maps" allow for expansion and revision and gives one insight into how the creator frames their internet learning process.

As a result of reading my peers PLE's I can see that I try to keep my Mind Map Boxes very simple at this point.  This probably reflects my immature stage of development an a web "surfer/researcher".  I say that as an honest reflection and I look forward to maturing and growing with time.

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